PointClickCare Home Health Care Platform

Information management, CRM, and digital recruiting tools for home health businesses and senior living communities


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PointClickCare Home Health Care is a cloud-based home healthcare platform. It offers tremendously accessible solutions for individualized who are engaged in healthcare management. Among its various platforms, PointClick Home Health Care offers a variety of patient management tools, the ability to maintain compliance with countless regulations, and the ability to easily engage in billing, financial management, and integration with insurance companies.

The website for the program does a fantastic job of laying out the various specific functions that the platform can manage for you. This includes a huge array of specific items, such as scheduling patients, managing all documentation and forms, managing billing, checking medication safety, and much, more more. Indeed, the one-stop-shop nature of the program is one of the most positive-reviewed functions that it offers. This can be huge for many fields and a massive timesaver. The program also bills itself as a way to maintain your staff by protecting them from the burnout caused by documentation and paperwork management.

Furthermore, it is clear that this platform is about more than creating services and running away. It offers a variety of robust customer service, training ,and assistance modules. It is updated on a regular basis and seems to be highly responsive to customer needs and requests, based on comments from other customers and users. It also has an actively updated blog that users can review for the latest information about the program, tips on how to use it, and various additional modules that may be available. 

It is also worth noting that the platform offers benefits for not just patient-centered staff, but hospital administrators, as it offers a variety of tools and analytics that can make their job much, much easier. 

The only negative of the program - if it can even be considered that - is that many it is such a comprehensive tool that some users expressed difficulty finding all of its various programs. However, with time, work, our taking any number of the tutorials offered, these issues can be overcome.


  • Offers fantastically accessible one-stop shopping for a variety of platforms. 
  • Sharply formatted website that makes it easy to determine the program's various uses.
  • All of this can help to improve your staff morale and efficiency, thus positively contributing to staff retention.
  • The platform is updated on a regular basis, thus ensuring that it is never stale and always responsive to consumer needs and changing trends.


  • The program is so broad that some users can't find exactly what they are looking for. Experience, thankfully, can make these issues easier to overcome. 
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